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   Leshan blow molding machine's oil pump motor is" Energy-Saving Brushless Motor", which makes the energy consumption more amazing! The Energy-Saving Brushless DC Motor enables the hydraulic oil valve output more accurate while assuring the overflow control more precise. With the unique "no brush" and "permanent magnetic core" structure, this brushless DC motor greatly reduce its energy loss .And its efficiency reach 85 - 90% of the output power, whereas the general three-phase motor can only reach 65 - 70%. In other words, this Brushless DC Motor makes full use of energy utilization which reduces unnecessary energy loss.


Brushless Direct Current Motor

Motor efficiency indicators of Leshan Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor dedicated for plastic machinery is 5%-10% more than ordinary asynchronous motor Y series on average.
At the same speed and the same power, brushless direct current motor’s frame size is 1-6 smaller than ordinary Y series.

Use this product to replace the Y series induction motor can achieve comprehensive energy saving of 10%-40%. And it is suitable for driving the plastic machinery extruder and pump motor.

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