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Blowing Mould

   Motor efficiency indicators of Leshan Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor dedicated for plastic machinery is 5%-10% more than ordinary asynchronous motor Y series on average.
At the same speed and the same power, brushless direct current motor’s frame size is 1-6 smaller than ordinary Y series.
Use this product to replace the Y series induction motor can achieve comprehensive energy saving of 10%-40%. And it is suitable for driving the plastic machinery extruder and pump motor.

Leshan Blowing Moulds

Bath Gel Mould
berverage mould
chemical barrel
chemical barrel
Cleasing Milk Mould

Cleasing Milk Mould blow mold cooling Conjiner Blowing Mould detergen tmould Dish Cleaner Twin Mould
Drin king Bottle Mould Engineering PartMould Folder Mould gearoil mould Ketchup Mould
Lubrication Bottle Mold Medical Mould Milk Bottle Mold milk bottl emould Mould brife introduction
Mould Pakcage Pesticide mould shampoo mould soysauce mould toilet cleaner

toolcase mould Toys Mould

Mould information
Mould Material C45 C50 P20 718 2738 2316 H13 NAK80 S136 etc.
Cavity Single/ Multi
Design Software PROE CAD etc.
Plastic Material PP ABS PS PC PE PU PVC etc.
Delivery Time 15-60 Days
Specification Basically depends on client's requirements. 
Ideal Chilling Effect with the Chilling System (even when you run it in the room temperature is 40℃)


Why Choosing Leshan?

Leshan Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most important plastic mould manufacturers and plastic mould suppliers offering the proposal of whole line for container packaging in China. Leshan precise blowing moulds sand blow moulding machines can complement each other, which will result in better production quality and higher economic benefit. We have more than 20 sets numerical CNC and experienced skilled technician to produce the mould. With custom moulding together with the custom plastic processing machine, we offer the ability to inspire your blow molding career, giving you a distinct competitive advantage whether you want to make your own plastic pallets or other structural plastic parts. We will be incredibly impressive if you once work with us.

Technical Process


We provide custom R&D service according to your requirements for blowing moulds, such as to offer best technical solution to our clients.
Negotiation Items
Quality, Price, Material, Delivery Time, Payment Term, Etc.

Place an Order

(1) You could send samples for consultant.
(2) You could offer your drawings to us.
(3) You could participate in designing, and create your distinguished product.
(4) You could pick up a favorite design from given designs by us.

Sample Proof

If the first blowing mould sample come out is not satisfied, we modify the mould until it satisfy our client.


Goods are delivered by sea or by air according to client's requirements.

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